Emails landing in spam/junk folders when using SendGrid


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I have signed up with SendGrid to handle bulk emails, so enter my SendGrid username and password in the MaxBulk Mailer settings. Emails are getting sent, but plenty are landing in junk/spam folders and I'm wondering if there's anything that I can change in the settings to reduce the amount this happens. My email address is not blacklisted, and there are SPF, DKIM and PTR records set up on my server (I am not sure if these are relevant when using SendGrid). I am wondering what the 'to' header in MBM is for, and whether there are any settings that I can include here?

I would be grateful for any advice.




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I used SendGrid.
Hot Mail recognized this sender and blocked the email.

I can't get through to anyone on hotmail.

Neither could I send the mail to The email would not go through.

Any other server I can use??????


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Have you contacted SendGrid about this issue? It looks like the server IP is blacklisted.