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eMail Verifier ignoring 550


New Member
I'm not aware of anything on my machines that could interfere with your code. The machines that I've tested it on so far have different architecture and different and independent software installations. It happens even when I boot in safe mode. Also, as I mentioned before, this problem doesn't occur with addresses tested via a list loaded from a file, even if it only contains one address. Without seeing your code I can't assess the significance of that, but maybe you can.

I would agree that from your perspective, this may appear to be a problem with my machines, but I can't figure out what could possibly cause that. I considered network/firewall issues, but that doesn't seem to explain why the program successfully checks the individual addresses (and says so, briefly) but doesn't stop, or why lists work just fine. Can you suggest any other tests I could try to attempt to pin this down?

No one else who has read this thread has commented either way on the subject - it would be nice to have some additional data.


New Member
FYI - I've now tested this on another G5 PowerMac running 10.4.8 on a different network (not mine) and it too behaves just the same, including in safe mode with no other applications running. I no longer believe that this is not a problem with eMail Verifier itself. Shall I open a support ticket?