Does not work


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I juist bought eMailVerifier.
1. every emailadress generates error 103
2. import an excellist not possible. It keeps saying start uploading....nothing happens.


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I also just bought the software and all the emails i tested doesnt work.
error #103 address invalide

I tried to add my mail address in the Preferences, Advanced, Simulate message delivery to maybe get it to work. But So far i think the system is not configured or connected well.. Note that I am in Morocco and ISP provder is Maroc Telecom and it always has problems with outlook and things. I think that might have a problem, as ISP is not like in the USA.

Please send me a link or helpful step by step way to set this up. I really need to use it.

Also, I hear that this software doesnt verify Hotmail, and Outlook email address.. WHat do you recommend me doing to clean them as I have a lot. 50,000+ , and want to use a new email sending company which will blacklist me if i add a list of bad emails. As I am not sure how many of them are valid. But want to keep my reputation clean with the service provider.