Custom file types?


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I want to only grab .atr files (used by an emulator) and .rar files but the file download section does not have these, can they be manually added?

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To add new types you have to edit the preference file with BBedit or TextWrangler on the Mac or NotePad on the PC. The file is named "Web Dumper Preferences" and depending on you system it is located inside your home/library/preferences folder on Mac OS X or 'C:\Documents and Settings\<your account name here>\Application Data\Maxprog\Web Dumper\Web Dumper.ini' in Windows. Add a new Etx_Map_Entry line. The etx_Map_Entry line is made of 9 fields delimited with tabs as follow:
 etx_map(1) = FileDesc, the file type description
 etx_map(2) = MimeType, the MIME type
 etx_map(3) = Extension, the file extention
 etx_map(4) = Local_Ext, again the extention but without the dot
 etx_map(5) = MacType, the Mac type
 etx_map(6) = MacCreator, the Mac creator
 etx_map(7) = Active, '1' to activate this file type
 etx_map(8) = Link_Parse, '0' to disallow parsing
 etx_map(9) = str(Icon_ID), Icon ID
For example:
 etx_map(1) = Powerpoint ppt File
 etx_map(2) = application/
 etx_map(3) = .ppt
 etx_map(4) = ppt
 etx_map(5) = SLD3
 etx_map(6) = PPT3
 etx_map(7) = 1
 etx_map(8) = 0
 etx_map(9) = 640
the full line should look like this:
/Etx_Map_entry=    Powerpoint ppt File    application/	.ppt	ppt    SLD3    PPT3    1    0    640