Corrupted hyperlink file??


New Member
I'm using MaxBulk Mailer 8.6.2-US 32bits on a MaxBook Pro running High Sierra. I have not had recent problems until now...

Today I tried to edit a hyperlink. When I accessed the list with “Insert Hyperlink” I found my most recently created hyperlink repeated over and over for the whole page. I could not scroll or anything.

Sloving this is urgent for me. I need to send an email to my club members ASAP.

I tried opening 8.6.1 and found the same issue.

Maybe there is a file somewhere hiding in my Time Machine backups that I can retrieve. Where is it, please.


Staff member
Try to edit the MaxBulk Mailer preferences file and remove those duplicates. Use BBEdit for the task.

MaxBulk settings files can be found here:

~/Library/Preferences/Maxprog/MaxBulk Mailer/

Since macOS Lion, the 'Library' folder is invisible, you can open it from the Finder by using the 'Go > Go To Folder' menu and pasting '~/Library' or the full path to the folder you want to open.

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