blank print preview


HI again Stan (et al)

A few weeks ago I contacted you re the message not printing properly (and this was fixed). I'm writing because the Preview view won't print at all.

I go to Preview and view the letter that I want to send. I then go to to the file menu and hit print, but all that comes out of theprinter is a blank page??

Also, it would be nice to see the entire email not just the body of the text. Is there a way for Preview to be conifigured to show the email address and the subject line -- a 'true' preview of the entire email.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Eric W.


Staff member
The Preview is not printable yet. It will as soon as possible. The preview is also supposed to display all headers, this is a work in progress. It involved rewriting the whole preview feature.


Hi. I would like to print my preview but seems that's still not something that can be done? When I hit print I only get a header and a blank page in version 8.6.8.