Assigning a transaction automatically


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I've been playing around with iCash, deciding if it's the software for me.

I would use icash to have an overview of my monthly transactions. Therefore i import my data of transactions from my bank. The transactions of a month are mostly the same.

I need a function, that detects my transactions by the account number and bank number of the recipient and assigns it to a specified category.

For expample: my supermarket has the account number 1234567890 and the bank number 50050102. Now i pay with my bankcard in the supermarket and have a transaction in my (electonic) account statement. Now i say to icash, if this combination from account and bank number comes, assign this to the category "food". So icashes learns all the combinations from my transactions and i must give a category only at the first time. After the import of the transcations from my bank, icash assigns the most of (the repeating) the transaction by itselfs.

Do you know what i mean? My English is not the best, sorry.

Thanks your your answer.
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