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    export data on numbers ( Mac )

    Good morning, how can I export the data on numbers of Mac ? Thank you .
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    esportazione dei dati su numbers di mac

    ESPORTAZIONE DEI DATI SU MAC ( NUMBERS ) Buongiorno, come posso esportare i dati su numbers di Mac ? Grazie Riccardo Menegatto
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    Petición de nuevo, iCash para iPhone, Ipad. Años esperandola

    Re: Petición de nuevo, iCash para iPhone, Ipad. Años esperan Dear friend, I tried to translate your message and I think ( I am italian ) to have been able to traslate it. May be better you write in English next time ... However : I am close to you in this matter ! Riccardo
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    back up

    Sorry Stan, I do not well what I have to do do see my back up files. I follow library / application support /... but I do not find / icash / back up.... When you say " check the library " folder in your user account can you show me how to procede ? thank you Stan and excuse me for my awkward...
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    back up

    Buongiorno, il supporto tecnico suggerisce di recuperare i file di back up seguendo il percorso: c/libreria/application support / maxprog / icash.... Seguendo questo percorso io arrivo a application support ma non trovo la cartella maxprog ! Allego screeshot del finder. Grazie.
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    Hi, I up to date my I cash buying the new version 7.5.8 IT but now I find on my pc two versions this program ( I cash SE the original I have installed and containing all my datum ) and the new versione 7.5.8 IT totally empty. What have I to do to mach the two version keeping safe all my story...