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    Older Statistics gone with new computer upgrade.

    Hi Stan. I just set up a new MacBook Pro with MBM. I copied exactly all my MBM setting and preferences from my old computer to the new one, including settings for MLM. However, when I click on the Statistics button, the window just shows what I have sent since getting the new computer. My old...
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    Flickering curser in message window.

    I am experiencing something very odd. When I am in the Message window of a MBM document and I move my curser around, the curser seems to flicker on and off or sometimes switches to an I-beam rapidly as I move it. Has anyone else noticed this? This happens no matter what format the message is...
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    MBM update expiration???

    Hi Stan, I've been getting emails stating that my MBM is expiring and I won't be able to update after a certain date. I thought that once I bought the program, I'd be eligible for updates forever, or at least until some major version change. I have not seen this in all the years I've been...
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    MBM 8.4.8 and Yosemite

    Any issues with 10.10??? Thanks Jonathan
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    MBM crashing when dragging address from contacts

    MBM crashing when dragging contact from Contacts to recipients window. Back to having to first drag to desktop then to recipients.
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    Not curser in message window?

    Hi Stan, I have a new problem that seems to have migrated from version 846 to 847. This on Mavericks 10.9.1 Any time I go into my message window and try to insert a cursor anywhere in the message, the actual cursor does not show up. I can still make changes at the point where I click though...
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    MBM now asking to set password before each send.

    Version 8.4.5: This just started happening today: When I go to send emails, I get authentication error- and am asked to reset my password. I re-enter my password in the settings, and then I can send. It's the same password I've been using. Here is the connection log: [01] 11/21 16:41:33 ~...
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    After 3.8.5 update, can't connect.

    I updated to the just released 3.8.5 update of EBH. When I launch program and click the Start button, the message below that button stays on "Looking for" Relaunch did not help.
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    How to get one master list in MLM?

    Stan, I have successfully sent out my first mailing to my 3400+ contacts. I sent out 500 at a time over the coarse of 24 hours. In the MLM Statistics window, I see on the left column each of my sends, corresponding to a number: 35, 36, 37, 38, etc. Is there a way to "select" all the sends...
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    New issue with MBM, MLM, and EBH.

    Hi Stan, I just sent another test email using MBM with 12 contacts who's email addresses I intentionally changed to invoke a bounce, except for my email address. Closed my Apple mail program, sent email, launched EBH and retrieved bounces. On retrieval, I found I had 13, not 12 bounce emails...
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    MLM: Refresh or Update?

    They both seem to do the same thing, although I notice that refresh actually adds additional clicks, opens (if any). Whereas Update doesn't seem to do that.
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    Trying to get MBM, MLM and Bounce to play nice.

    Hi Stan, I've set up MLM with MBM and have downloaded the trial version of Bounce Handler. I've spent some time in the MLM forums trying to figure out how to get bounces to appear in the statistics window in MBM, and I read that I needed Bounce Handler. Bounce handler is picking up the test...
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    MLM sort of working- am I doing this right?

    OK, I think I got MLM working kind of. I used the Installer to set up everything, entering user names, passwords, etc. but I was having no luck. I finally went in to my lm folder and took a look at the lm_settings.php in Dreamweaver, and everywhere where there should have been usernames...
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    Bounces, opens, click through log ???

    Hi Stan, The company that hosts my web site has a mail server that I just found out allows a greater number of emails to be sent out. I will be using MBM to send out <4000 mails. My server allow upto 3000 per day with some hourly and bounce restrictions. I plan on installing MLM, following...
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    Anyone have any leads for this????

    Greetings. Would anyone happen to know if there is a service that allows you to just send email through a server. I have had to use Constant Contact and have been underwhelmed by the service and the costs. I can't send my 3500 emails using MBM using my AT&T account since they have really...
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    "Connection dropped by server"

    Hi Stan, This is something new to me. Every time I try to send anything out using MBM 8.4.4 I get "Connection dropped by server" immediately. I've checked my settings. I am using Ameritech as my outgoing mail server. Settings in MBM= SMTP host: - SSL v2 Authentication...
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    MBM Icons now white.

    Hi Stan, On a less serious note, but kind of unusual, since upgrading from my earlier version 6 to 8.3.3, all my MBM file icons now just appear as the white sheet with right corner folded down. All the files op-en and work fine, but the icons turned "generic". This on a Mac running 10.6.8...
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    How to over ride save and send and other problems.

    Hi Stan. I just upgraded to v.8.3.3 MBM from v. 6.x In my old version, if I had a few hundred recipients to email, after about the 24th "send" I get a connection closed dialog, which would count down 30 seconds, and then continue to automatically resume sending emails through the next 25...
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    Italics in message question.

    Greetings. How do I do italics in part of my message? I have a title that I'd like to put italics. Right now my message is in plain text mode. I'm in version 6.8 (maybe time to update next time there is a special....) Thanks.
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    New problem- import from Mac address book mix-up

    Greetings Stan. I've encounter a new problem when I import a list of names from Apple address book to recipients on MB file. First, I'm running OS 10.5.6 G5, using MB 6.4 (but this has been occurring for the past few updates. The problem looks like this: If I grab a bunch of addresses...