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    Percent Encoding of Ampersands

    I need to send emails that have links with ampersands in them. eg. "something/?n=234&i=13448295&k=OpLvh3S" Maxbulk is percent encoding the ampersand to this... "something/?n=234&i=13448295&k=OpLvh3S" ..and of course the link in now invalid when the recipient clicks on it. I...
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    RFC: wildcards for exclusion list

    Feature request: * Useful is dealing with misconfigured mail servers. I have many recipients where the company mail server will give soft bounce errors but the recipient still actually receives the email. I want to exclude anyone at that company from rule processing.
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    Feature Request - Forward to Friend, Update Address, More...

    In addition to unsubscribe, it would be a great if we could handle some additional functionality in the MLM. Forward to Friend would be a tag in MaxBulk, a count of link forwarding via MLM and using the smtp code of MLM to do the actual forwarding. An update email address tag could work with...
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    Daylite plugin still work?

    Using MBM 8.4.3 & Daylite 4.2, MBM bundle is in ~/Library/Application Support/Daylite/Plugins but don't see where Daylite is doing anything with it. How do you use it?
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    Exporting Bounced email into MySQL Feature Request

    Feature Request. I can currently import the list from Mysql with the import sheet in Max Bulk. I can processed bounced with eMail Bounce Handler and get a list. I can save to text file to unscribe the Max bulk list. Anyway to add an export interface either from MaxBulk or eMail Bounce...
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    Importing from mySql only fills in first recipient then hang

    Using mySql 5.0 and MBM 5.0 This query works and returns 700+ rows in mySql query editor. SELECT `FirstName`, `LastName`, `Email1` FROM `NowExport` WHERE `Category` = "Clients" When ran from MBM, it displays progress bar and never finishes. If i cancel import, import sheet slides...
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    Using Webpage Format with php click counter

    I tried to use with webpage format with a click counter script but it doesn't work. The script does, and the web link alone do, but both together don't e.g. ... ding3B.jpg all in the first line of message is is possible to combine the two?