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    Extractor extract from body of email?

    Just wondering if Extractor will find email addresses from the body of the email. Can I select 2000 returned emails to extract the bad addresses in order to clean up my BulkEmailer list?
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    MaxBulk Emailer locked. How do I resume?

    The program locked up after sending about 4000 emails out of 32000. I had to force quit. Now I have to resume sending. How do I pick up where I left off?
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    Settings for number of retries

    My last version allowed me to set the number of retries so when the email didn't go through, Maxbulk continued so many times to resend it. That way I could be sure the bounces were hard bounces. I can't find the place to set this, or anything indicated that it retries to send at all with this...