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    Have I mentioned how much I love iCash?

    I've been finishing off my tax preparations for the 2013 financial year for the last week using iCash. I know I've said it before, but damn I love iCash! It is such a great app. It feels really well thought out and just let's me get the work done efficiently with a minimum of fuss. Just...
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    Receipts Report?

    Hi Stan, quick question: Is there any way to get a report with all your attached receipts in the one file? At the moment, I can click on the attachment icon on the individual transaction and choose 'save attachment', but I'd love to know if there's a way to somehow print a report with the info...
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    Two new 'tax' features

    Hi, I've been using iCash for the past month or so and am absolutely loving it! Such a great app :D A feature it is missing though, which is adding a fair bit of time to my workflow is the handling of tax at the transaction level. I understand how taxes work at an account level, and have...
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    Turn off autofill of transaction Payees

    Is there a way to turn off autofill on the Payee/Issuing column in the transactions tab? It's frustrating when I bring in accounts from an account statement, then want to rename certain payees to keep everything clear and consistent, but I can't because of the autofill 'feature'. For example...
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    Attach receipt image to expenses

    Hi, First off, great job on iCash! It is an excellent program, that is doing exactly what I need it to. There's only one feature that I would love to have included which isn't now (as far as I can tell), and that is the ability to attach an image of the receipt to expenses that have been...
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    Exporting Lists

    Is there an easy way to export the lists in mlm? There's a rename button, and delete list button, but I can't find a way to export each list of subscribers. Thanks, Mark.