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    Mails sent blank in version 8.5.3 (mac)

    Hi, I've had this issue for a while and have not been able to resolve it: On my mac laptop, I run Maxbulkmailer 8.4.9, and can send mails fine. Tracking works through MLM. On my desktop, I run Maxbulkmaier 8.5.3. All mails sent (using the same MLM info as above) are sent empty (without...
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    Messages sent without content

    Hi, I've been using bulkmailer for a while now - but yesterday sent out many mails and they all where sent with no content. The subject line was sent, but the content not. In bulkmailer, all looks perfect in the preview - since I managed to send one test sucessfully to myself I cannot figure...
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    MLM web page not show the all tracked info from "statistics"

    ]this puzzles me: sending html mail to a remote list worked fine. tracking works fine within bulkmailer-statistics. But on the web interface of MLM the statistics are not all shown - only clicks are counted. (pls see screenshot;) I would greatly appreciate advice on how to have these tracking...
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    upload blacklist to ALL remote lists ?

    Hi, is there a possibility to upload a mail List to ALL remote lists at once ? (I would like to remove the email addresses contained in my blacklist on Max Bulk Mailer from all the remote lists; I usually export the blacklist, then upload it to MLM using the remove option through the browser...
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    deleting deliveries in MLM

    I deleted the deliveries (test mails etc) I did not want to keep in Max Bulk mailer in the Histopry window, keeping just those I am interested to track. I would like to do the same in MLM, but when I log In and try to delete deliveries I get an error message (screenshot); how can I delete the...
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    unsuscribe tag /

    Can I put in a different wording for the appearance of the the Unsubscribe Tag in the message I send out (I would like it to say "hier melden" instead of "Unsubscribe") Thanks, Robert
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    tracking bounces and unsubscribes

    Hi, I am new to bulk mailer (V8.3.9). A great application ! I track through MLM, but do not get statistics for bounces (pls see screenshot) - how can I track bounces ? - how can I track unsubscribes (the current link for unsubscribes we use works well, but does not seem to be tracked: <a...