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  1. Extazy

    Every time crash!

    From yesterday cant get all bounce mail! I connect to, where 3192 mails need to verify. 1. After 1500-2500 your program auto close without any errors. 2. Even if i get only 10 bounce mails, click STOP and Delete all bounces - they dont delete in mailbox. I restarded PC many...
  2. Extazy

    list=[Имя списка] doesnt work

    Hi. List name in russian list=[Имя списка] doesnt work.
  3. Extazy

    How to insert Unsubscribe link in another language?

    Hi. I installed Russian version Maxbulk mailer. How to insert Unsubscribe link in english?
  4. Extazy

    Why i dont get Error-To mail?

    I use my own VPS smtp and dont get error-to messages: Why?
  5. Extazy

    Cant connect to SMTP

    Hi. I cant connect to "Connection closed by server" You can use these: user: doktorvolt pass: Doktorvolt2139812 Why??
  6. Extazy

    Open rate doesnt work

    This link adds to my mail: haWwuY29tCQkxMzcJVGVzdAkxCW9wZW4Jbm8Jbm8=3D& lm2%2Flm%2Fpictures%2Fcti.png This link returns "The page is not available" And there is no opens in the statistic. There is...
  7. Extazy

    Not enough PC power

    When i use bounce list delete.txt and then save "remote list" (lm.php), Max bulk mailer overload my pc. i have Inter I7-2630 QM, 8GB memory and this pc overloaded! how to optimize work?
  8. Extazy

    [Error #102] Connection dropped

    Hi. 1) i cant connect to Yandex smtp If i check TLS, i get this error If i check any SSL, i got "looking for" and... nothing for a long time till i end this. 2) But i can connect to Yandex Imap...