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    Email Bounce Handler locks up Apple Mail

    UPDATE Soon after the last post on Nov. 24, EBM v3.7.1 (Email Bounce Handler) stopped working again. When I select "Dredge Apple Mail", Bounce Handler opens Apple's Mail, but instantly locks up both applications. It does not get to the screen to enter the name of the Mailbox to be dredged...
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    Testing - tbl_mlm_sub_clk_test

    Just something I noticed in your post above dated: Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:33 pm Under the header: If you use mySQL v5: The last line of code has a (open) double quote at the end and I'm not sure it is supposed to. When I run the query as is, it causes a mySQL error. However the query...
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    MLM Won't Install Automatic or Manual

    Hi Stan, Thanks for your patience. I have found the problem ... In my host server configuration mySQL resides on the same server as our website (where the MLM installs the 'lm' directory). In a case such as this the mySQL Host Name must be 'localhost' ... not the DNS Name or IP address...
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    MaxBulk Mailer :: Confirm URL is truncated by email client

    Hello there, The confirm opt-in URL that is generated and sent to the subscriber in the confirmation email is being truncated by email clients that limit the line to 72 characters. When this happens it breaks the URL (puts it on two lines). Then when the potential subscriber clicks on the...
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    Feature Request :: Calculate emails per hour

    Hi there, Thanks for a great program ... elegant and powerful! A nice feature addition would be a real-time calculation/function that calculated the emails per hour based on the "Group emails" and "Interval", we've assigned in the Settings Panel. This would help us be more accurate as we...
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    MaxBulk Mailer :: Confirm Opt-In for upload_file

    Can you show or point to the code that needs to be changed to make the upload_file function send confirmation emails? Thanks!
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    MaxBulk Mailer MLM :: Subscriber Change Email Address

    Hi there, Does MaxBulk Mailer-MLM have a function for allowing the subscriber to change/update their own email address? Such as: You are subscribed as [Email-Address] (auto-filled) New Email Address: __________________________________________
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    MaxBulk Mailer :: edit subscribe_single_fixed.php

    Is it possible to edit the subscribe_single_fixed.php file so that only the email address is captured/required? The email address is all that we need. I tried just removing the data and fields in the table however it still errors out and requires First and Last Name upon submitting.
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    MaxBulk Mailer :: Edit Return-Path Header

    Currently the default Return-Path header is set to the same address as the From: header. This means that all bounces (which will use the Return-Path address) will be sent to the address in the From: header. I want to override the settings and have the bounces go to a different address as...
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    MaxBulk Mailer MLM :: Monitor mailing

    I have previously been using the local version of MaxBulk Mailer and been able to monitor the mailing, however now will be taking advantage of the Double Opt-In features of the php-based Mailing List Manager (MLM). Will I still be able to monitor the mailing in the Delivery Panel of MaxBulk...