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    MaxBulk Mailer 8.4.9

    Hello, Can you provide me with link for MaxBulk Mailer 8.4.9? It proved to work best for my relatively old computer.
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    Blacklist feature

    Hello, I am using the "Blacklist" feature and find it very useful. The question is: can I somehow use a global blacklist, which is hosted online (MLM) not the one that is stored locally on the computer. The idea is to have access to this list 24/7.
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    eMail Bounce Handler (EBH) cannot save settings

    Hello, I am using eMail Bounce Handler under Windows 7. I cannot change the "Connection" settings. No matter what I choose, upon restart it goes to: - Check Mailbox Every 1 Minutes - Download 5000 Bounces/Connection The reason I want to alter that setting is that EBH always craches when...
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    Subscribing to more than 3 lists

    Hello, I am trying to modify the 'subscribe_multiple.php' allowing it to offer subscription to more than 3 lists, but the script does not allow to subscribe for more that 3 lists at time even all the 4 check boxes are checked. 1. Is there any special code I should change in...