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    Sending to 2 email addresses

    Hi Stan I'm importing recipients from a text file. I have 2 email address columns in my source spreadsheet and I want to send to both addresses, using the same record first name. Can this be done in MBM - or do I need to duplicate each record in my source spreadsheet, using the second address on...
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    Changing Subscribe and Remove addresses

    I've just upgraded to v8 Pro and was hoping that one annoying feature of v7 might have been fixed - but unfortunately not. The issue is that I send bulk emails for several clients, and need to provide their relevant Subscribe and Remove addresses. But it seems that these can still only be set in...
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    Recommended Host for 5000 Contact Email List

    SMTP relay service Hi Stan Your link to Unified Email is really useful - here in the UK all the best ISP deals have very low sending limits and it seems hard to find a SMTP relay service that doesn't also want to manage the whole process for you. But are there any other SMTP relay providers...