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    Missing icons and Off_set window

    Has anyone noted problems with the "Accounts-window" and the "Scheduler-Window" ??? Editing CERTAIN files (one being complete new... drawn up from scratch) I'm missing the top row with the big fat green cross at the far left as well as the red, yellow & green dots... The only way to close the...
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    Missing decimals..

    Hi Stan, We have an iChash-file were we can't manage to get decimals displayed correctly. Most accounts are in €'s, but we have one account in Swedish crowns (SEK), and it refuses to display any them. What's even worse is that iCash seems to truncate the decimals !!!! This is really a pain as...
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    corrupt file... Or ?

    Hi - I just tried to do an account statement dating back to 2006. There seems to be some serious "quirks" to the data base somewhere during the first 9 months of 2006. A print_Out renders some quit interesting results IF I move the start date fwd to 1 Oct 2006, then every thing is OK. I Did a...
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    Bug ?

    Stan, I may have come across something that looks like a bug... It's very odd, I added a new account called Scarlet, and when I try to use it (either in source or destination) by stepping with the TAB-key the application crashes. However if choosing the new account using the pull-down menus...