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    Gather all email addresses from any email in an inbox (Apple Mail)?

    I regularly send newsletters to large lists, very often the recipients have auto-responders in place, which sends an email back to me. I would like to, en-mass, gather up the addresses for all recipients who send an auto-responder email and remove them from the list. I have tried running...
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    Comparing Email Verifier to online solutions.

    I've been on a big test recently, comparing how well the various email cleaning services compare to each other. I started with a list of 1500 emails that hadn't been used in several years. Email verifier reduced the list to 1275 addresses marked as OK, or looks OK. I then ran the list of 1500...
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    Subcribe widget? Or, responsive subscription forms?

    Hi Stan, I'm looking at ways to integrate subscription forms into websites. I can do it by adding the subscription form using an iframe, but I'm wondering if you are thinking of making any widgets? On the iFrame front, it works, but the forms are not responsive, so don't scale/stack on mobile...
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    Reduce retries to 1, and now it works!

    I've owned Email Verifier for ages, but never really had much success with it. On almost no occasions have it ever fully completed a testing an entire list, even when offered only 1000 emails at a time. No amount of stopping and restarting seemed to fix things, it always seemed to end up just...
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    Remove bounced addresses from MLM with EBH?

    I have been successfully using EBH for years, but only recently worked out that it can be integrated with Maxbulk Mailer to populate the "bounced" section in statistics, which is cool. I assumed that it would also remove the bounced addresses from the list, or at least tag them as bounced, but...
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    Help editing the subscribe pages please?

    Hi, I've scoured the forums for help on this, and the site too, but can't find anything. It's most likely there, I just can't locate it! I use MLM and have many lists. I want to add a link to various sites that take the user to a customised version of /subscribe_single_fixed.php that will...
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    Able to vertify Mailing List Manager remote lists?

    Hi, I've just picked up Verifier after years of successfully using MaxBulk. I assumed it would automatically work with MLM remote lists, but it doesn't seem possible, or am I missing something? Thanks.
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    Add subscribers by email? Or another "external" method?

    Hi. Is it possible for subscribers to be added to MLM via email? I'm thinking I can add an additional email address to the forms on my sites that visitors use to subscribe. As well as sending an email to me, the form can also send an email to a special email address that somehow adds the...
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    Can't add subscribers using the HTML forms

    Hi Stan, I'm trying to get the subscribe pages to work, but failing. If I go to /subscribe_single_fixed.php I can input details, then when I click subscribe, I get a redirect, then the page refreshes with no data in the fields. Nothing gets added to the only list in the manager. I found a...
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    New EU GDPR and MLM

    Hi, anyone in the EU who collects emails might already be aware of this, but new much tighter regs come in next year, which will force double opt-in for mailing list subscriptions. It's my understanding that at present MLM does this by way of sending a confirmation email to the address used to...
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    Backing up lists- How?

    Hi, how do I backup lists? At the moment the only way I can see how, is to add all the emails in a list to MaxBulk Mailer, then export and save. I have a lot of lists and this is an extremely time-consuming method. I'm thinking there must be an automated way to do it, but can't see anything.