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    Split Transaction: Tabbing and Input

    ICash continues to be a stellar product. I was wondering if it would be possible to enhance the Split Transaction screen to function more like the regular transaction input screen. This would enable users to tab between fields instead of only being able to click on the field arrow key for drop...
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    query - Transaction Type Equals Check

    Hi! Was wondering if there is a way to run a query that shows all transactions with a transaction id "BEGINNING WITH" check. This would enable me to run a check number report to ensure all checks are entered for auditing purposes. It would also allow me a method to do a quick visual scan...
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    Can't Add A New Project Identifier

    Today I was updating my ICash and wanted to add a new project id. When I hit Edit, I get my list of current id's and the buttons delete and rename. How do I create a new one? Thanks... I did try finding it in the documentation, but didn't manage to locate it. Thanks for your help.
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    ICASH4 Online manual

    Couple of questions. First, is there a way to search the manual other than the displayed page? Second, I notice on the Account menu selection there is a Reconcile option but it is not available (e.g. it's greyed out). I'm assuming this means it isn't active yet, or am I just not figuring out...
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    reconciled splits not marked on acct rept

    Hi, Just noticed (I haven't installed the newest upgrade yet, but am running 7.2 Just noticed that on my Account Report, the split transactions do not have a check mark beside them on the report even though they are actually reconciled and show as such on the transaction and query pages...
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    Split Transaction - Project ID field omitted

    For the most part I like the split transaction feature. My biggest problem with it is that when I key in the split I can't key in the project id. I make the change for the split, save it and then have to go into the individual transaction to update the project id. This adds considerable time...
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    P&L General Ledger Project Subset Problem

    I just noticed something that I think has a big impact. :cry: I just ran my P&L General Ledger Report subset by a Project. The totals on the General Ledger Report match the totals for the Detail report with the same Project subset. However - the detailed listing on the General Ledger...
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    Accounts not used for a Project

    Just a thought for a future enhancement. When running Balance Sheets and P&Ls subset by Project, would it be possible to have accounts omitted, if the project was not used in that account at all in that time frame? I'm not sure how involved that kind of check is, but it would certainly...
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    Opening Balances in Bal Sheet where Project =

    Hi, I have an asset account that had an opening balance amount. I ran a balance sheet report, detailed, where Project = F. The opening balance of the account does not, of course, have a project (mainly because you can't do that in ICash, which overall is fine). This results in the...
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    UNDO - deleting a transaction

    I did a query by amount and got a long list of transactions up. Found the one I needed and deleted it, or so I thought. Obviously too long at the keyboard because somehow I picked a transaction a couple of items below what I needed. :oops: I unreconciled it and happily deleted it only to...
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    Difference When Clicking On Query Tab vs CMD 3

    Not sure if this is working as intended. Scenario: Run Query Double Click on Transaction to modify (on Transaction Panel) Change Transaction and save change CMD 3 to go back to Query panel Result: Returned to Query Panel. ** difference ** Query Panel not updated (The updated...
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    Freeze up on Query Request

    Hi, I just did a Query using Amount is between and a custom date range. I got an error screen with a weird message. When I hit ok, the message kept changing but I couldn't get out of it. I had to force quit the application. I verified that my input criteria was accurate. I took a...
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    Calculator questions and wish list

    Hi! :) I've been making good use of the calculator in the amount field of the transaction panel and now have some questions and comments for you. Question 1: Why do I have to input a 0 preceding a number with a decimal? :? Example: 5.29 - .15 = results in: 5.2915 I...
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    Grouping Transactions when not sequential

    Hi! I'm running into a frustrating situation. I have a number of deposit transactions that I need to split up (or input) and then group together. I download all my banking data so I have quite a few transactions on any given day. The problem arises when I want to group some together, the...
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    Have 2 press TAB 2x to move between fields

    I love the new release, thank you so much. I just noticed though, when I am on the transaction panel in the editing area, I have to press TAB twice to move between the fields. :? Thanks for all the good work!
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    Deletion of data when changing payee field

    Hi, I have a payee field that is: TO 36-M COMPOUNDING I wanted to change the 36 to 60 so I tabbed to the payee field, used my mouse to click just after the 3. I ensure that I had only the cursor showing after the 3, and the field was not highlighted (in other words text in the field...
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    switching between transaction panel and other panels.

    I am working on my credit card account. In the transaction panel, I select SHOW ALL ACCOUNTS, I then select CREDIT CARD. The transactions for my credit card account for the month show on the panel as expected. However, if I then switch to any other panel (Overview, Query, Report etc) and...
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    How to Adjust An Account Balance

    I use my CASH account as a catch all account. It does contain cash purchases I have to track, as well as any transfers to accounts not used in my ICASH file. For instance, if I transfer money to my kids accounts which aren't tracked in this software, I just make the transfer from my bank...
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    PROJECT Not showing on Query or Transaction list

    Just noticed that in Grouped transactions where I have keyed a PROJECT ID the following occurs. When I look at the transaction itself the PROJECT ID appears. When I look at the List of Transactions above for the month, the PROJECT ID does not appear in the list. When I do a query...
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    Query: Amount equals xxxx nothing returned

    I have 2 transactions (they are not grouped). One is a transfer between banking accounts and the other is a regular deposit from a fund that was cashed in. However, when I do a query for the timeframe, leaving all criteria as default except: AMOUNT EQUALS 22222.22 for instance. The amount of...