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    I transferred all my iCash Accounts from iCloud Drive to Dropbox. iCash is now asking for a Password. I had not been one before.
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    I have a number of iCash Accounts. However, on one of them the Toolbar does not appear on the Contacts page, preventing me from adding to or amending existing Contacts. No problem with the other Accounts. All the best for 2016, Stan.
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    Future Scheduled Entry

    "Add Now" to a future Scheduled Entry defaults the entry to the next month and leaves the original entry untouched.
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    Cannot create password in File>Password. At the first entry OK is greyed out.
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    Find a Transaction

    This question has probably been asked already. Can I find a particular transaction or amount? The <Find> & <Find Again>in the Edit Menu is greyed out.
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    Rearranging Transactions

    Stan Can you rearrange the order in which a number of Transactions appear on any given day? I cannot see where this question may have been asked. Regards Cal
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    Stan Running Queries>Custom range does not produce a report. I have run all the Maintenance Tools. Cal Nelson Version 5.1 on Mac OS X
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    Date Format General Ledger

    Stan Congratulations on v5.0. The improvements are excellent. However, in your next upgrade, would you fix the Date Format in the General Ledger so as to read dd-mm-yyyy to keep those outside the USA happy. Calvin Nelson
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    New Version 3.2.3

    The updates in this version continue to improve this very good programme. BTW Stan, you overlooked changing "Debts" to "Liabilities" in the Overview Heading. Calvin Nelson
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    A simple request for consideration at future upgrades. For those of us with poor eyesight, could the font used for "Overview" be darkened. Calvin Nelson
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    Duplicating Transactions

    After duplicating a Transaction from a previous month, and selecting the appropriate date for the current month, the Transaction Page for the current month opens in blank. If I advance to the next month, then back, the page wil open with all entries. iMac G5 running OS X 10.4.5