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    Extract emails from mbox

    v 3.8.4 does not extract emails from .mbox, resulting in a quasi blank file. Previous version worked well (Mac latest OS BigSur).
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    Statistics thread issue

    MB Mailer (8.7.3 / Mac 10.15.6) Delivery > Statistics. In a thread, or if more than 1 delivery is selected, the 'Result' and 'Summary' panes will show only the last delivery — it will not sum-up everything. Previously it was okay. (MLM vers. last updated on: Friday, Nov 29, 2019)
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    PHP 7.1 Remote Lists issue

    When using php 7.1 remote lists show in the Remote List pane including Recipients nr BUT, when selected the pane returns blank. under php7 everything is okay. - MaxBulk Mailer 8.6.8 Mac
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    8.5.6 remote list statistics window bug

    Correct. it occurs when using a MLM remote list. => Statistics -> Subject - We haven't tested with a local list...
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    8.5.6 remote list statistics window bug

    - Note that the email delivery report subject is OK.
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    8.5.6 remote list statistics window bug

    In 8.5.6 Statistics window Delivery Subject is not showing when sent from a remote list. This issue was also present in v. 8.5.5 if I recall...
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    8.5.5 Adding a remote list to recipients bug?

    8.5.6 resolve the issue. Thank you !
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    8.5.5 Adding a remote list to recipients bug?

    BUG ? Adding a remote list(s) from the dropdown menu to the recipients' grid is extremely slow with the latest 8.5.5 update. A list of nearly 3000 recipients took to load/show to the recipient grid more than 1 minute. As a comparison, the same list in 8.5.3 takes to load ±4 seconds.
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    Encoding special characters issue

    The character ê / Ê is showing correctly on preview but not printed (to mail body) / sent. e.g. êtes show in the received email: tes (the ê is omitted). The character is also omitted in the raw message. It is showing correctly in the email Subject. Other special characters are OK. Config...
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    MaxBulk Mailer 8.5.4 release

    After updating from 8.5.3 to 8.5.4, emails are sent blank when using MLM remote lists. Statistic has no data (of-course). Temporarily solved the issue by reversing back to 8.5.3. Config: Mac Pro OSX 10.11.5 Any idea to solve the issue?