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  1. Matthew

    inserting a tab in the text

    This is HTML editors so you have to insert hard spaces using (without spaces): & n b s p ; Enter one for each space you want to insert, five for the traditional tab. You will need one to get two-spaces after a period as well.
  2. Matthew

    Is there a way customers can subscribe?

    I see repeated mention of subscribe yet cannot find a page or piece of code that I can put on my page to capture a subscription request. If I have a customer or visitor to my website that would like to subscribe, how do they do that?
  3. Matthew

    How do I edit the "Your subscription has been cancelled" page?

    When Unsubscribe is clicked from the email, the displayed cancellation page, with banner "Your subscription has been cancelled" has inappropriate content. It gives the list name, which is not necessarily a meaningful name to a recipient. In my test it is "Test-001". The page also has my name...
  4. Matthew

    Unsubscribe not working?

    Okay, through some trial and error I think I see that the Unsubscribe link records the unsubscribe request but in subsequent mailing to the list, that unsubscribed email address was again sent an email. Unsubscribe did not work? I would have anticipated that an email marked unsubscribed...
  5. Matthew

    Where or how does subscribe and unsubscribe work?

    I do not see pages or functionality for subscribe and unsubscribe. I see on one page how to get an email to subscribe and unsubscribe but how or is this automated? Where is it noted if someone unsubscribes or is this manual (and how? Do we just delete them?). This page...
  6. Matthew

    MLM doesn't show all of the list fields?

    In the Max Bulk Mailer the recipient list has numerous fields, many customizable. How can I see and edit these in the Mailing List Manager?
  7. Matthew

    How do I change the tags of the Recipient list?

    Okay, I see that works. Thanks!
  8. Matthew

    How do I change the tags of the Recipient list?

    How do I rename that tags, such as Opt1? In Preferences--Tags I can change the Value but not the Tag. In the Recipient list I see the tag. Same with the Export. I would like to change the tags.