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    Statistics spam

    Where can I find that information? Thanks!
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    Statistics spam

    Not really spam, but evidently some email servers/systems including our local city government and hotmail have implemented some sort of link checking which results in the statistics showing that the recipient clicked on every link in the email! This doesn't affect the Opening stats, but the...
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    Messages sent without content

    I am experiencing this too using old messages that I am updating. Using 8.5.2. If I save and close the message and then reopen it, the mail is sent correctly. Any idea of a solution yet?
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    Messages sent without content

    Same problem here when using styled text or html/plain text, emails with no content. I can close MaxBulk and reopen it and the email is fine. Running MacOS 10.8.5, MaxBulk 8.5.2.
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    Scheduled delivery suggestion

    Because I am stupid, twice I have failed to turn off "Test Mode" when scheduling an emailing. Yes, I know they are in the same dropdown menu so I should be able to do the right thing. But it might be helpful to have a warning dialog if someone like me tries to schedule a dellivery when "Test...
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    Clear History

    I cleared the history, but now the statistics contain both new and old info. As in: 2/22/13 4:47 PM 1004 Web Master [email protected] Opening -- 7/9/12 12:00 PM 1005 Bartley Cromer [email protected] Opening -- Looks like the database didn't get cleared. I tried clearing the history a...
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    nested conditional tags

    Oops. I have realized that the AND should be <AND>. While I have not tested the above code, I have a similar situation where it works.
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    nested conditional tags

    What about this? <IF [[Nazione]] = "Italy" AND [[Nome]] <> ""> Ciao [nome], text text text <ELSEIF [[Nazione]] = "Italy" AND [[Nome]] = "" AND [[MF]] = "a">Cara amica, text text text <ELSEIF [[Nazione]] = "Italy">Caro amico, text text text <ELSEIF [[Nazione]] = "" AND [[Nome]] <> "">Hi...
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    MLM Updates

    How do I know if I need to reinstall MLM when there is a MaxBulk update? If I reinstall it, will it retain or overwrite the mySQL database? Or should I just change out changed files, and if so, how do I know what has changed?
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    New 550 error.

    Here is the beginning of an email until the first error: [01] 3/7 15:36:33 ~ Opening connection for delivery... [01] 3/7 15:36:33 ~ Connecting to Port:587 [01] 3/7 15:36:33 ~ Connected [01] 3/7 15:36:34 220 ESMTP Sendmail...
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    New 550 error.

    I am getting a new 550 error when sending out an email that I send out every week The basic message doesn't change format but contains new text, images and links. I have started receiving the message "550 5.7.1 p27Kasbg014242 This message does not comply with required standards." for about half...
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    Click Tracking Options

    I see that with click through tracking, there is a drop down menu with only automatic as a choice at this point. Are there plans to add a manual option? Or at least an option to just add the 1 pixel tracking image and leave all the other links as is?
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    Preview Limit?

    I just imported a list with over 2000 entries. The preview stops working at 1001. Plain text email with variables. Mac version 6.8 US. Not really a problem, just wanted to see if this is a known limit.
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    6.5 Crashes

    I have installed 6.5 a couple of times with fresh downloads. I have followed the directions on the trouble shooting page including removing preference files, running Disk Utility to repair the disk and permissions, downloading a fresh version, etc. My system is still 10.4.11 since I have an old...
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    line breaks not preserved

    I have the same question. I'll post my code to see if it passes through the message board. <IF [[Built]] <> ""> Our records show your home was built in [Built]. <ELSE> Our records do not show a construction date for your home. </IF> More text... If the ELSE statement applies, the "Our...
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    Click-through script hacking

    I sent out my first email using the click through tracking, and immediately started getting someone spamming the script using query strings like: http://[invalidate]