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    Rearrange accounts order when in Transactions window?

    I'm wondering if there is any way to reorder the accounts list when in the Transactions window? By default, only the Bank accounts appear until you select "Show All Accounts." Then, the list of all income/expense, etc. accounts shows. I am using an account at the very bottom of that list almost...
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    Can't set up rules

    I am having difficulty setting up Rules as well as Importing bank statements. I've downloaded account activity from my bank as an Excel (csv) file and tried Importing directly in that format. I keep getting a "Null" response for any amounts in either the debit or credit column. When I export...
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    Workaround for creating mileage as an expense account?

    The $0.62/mile is the amount the IRS allows employees to claim as "mileage expense" for reimbursement purposes in the U.S. It's less for medical mileage (e.g. to and from doctors, hospitals, etc.). I'm thinking it could be a "Liability" category, which would enter each entry as a debit, and then...
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    Need help importing account statement for credit card

    I've correctly created a Liability account for my credit card. I've downloaded account activity, properly formatted it for Import, but cannot locate the credit card in the dropdown menu labeled "Bank Accounts." There's not a "Show All Accounts" option either. I'm assuming that the transactions...
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    Workaround for creating mileage as an expense account?

    I'm wondering if anyone has been interested/successful in creating a workaround for entering mileage as an expense item? E.g. the mileage comp rate in the U.S. currently for business is $0.62/mile. I'm looking for a way to enter "Mileage" as an expense Account under the Category "Auto." I want...
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    MaxBulk Mailer 8.7.5 release

    Stan - Just wondering. Do the fixes for MLM require a new install of MLM on my server, or is updating to MBM 8.7.5 adequate?
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    Statistics not showing up on MLM web interface

    Here's the results of the MLM Diagnostic. It looks like everything's ok there.
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    Statistics not showing up on MLM web interface

    MLM is working great in all ways, except I can't get any statistics via the web interface. If I use "Statistics" from within MBM, I get all the data and the pie diagram. But, online in the MLM "Statistics" option, I first get a list of all the emails sent, but when I click on any one of them, I...
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    Is it possible to personalize MLM subscribe responses?

    I have edited the three .txt files within the "lm/templates" folder to include the name of my nonprofit, webiste, etc. And it has worked perfectly. I'm wondering if there is any way to "personalize" the responses MLM sends to subscribers (the 3 .txt files) to include their first name from the...