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    Entourage email import

    According to the manual, in order to import Entourage addresses I can just drag a group or individual contacts from my address book to my recipients list. However, when I do that it does not import first and last name. Just the email address. I am a paid and registered user of 4.4.4 Now...
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    Won't retain formatting

    No matter what I try, this program will not retain formatting in stylized text. When I save and close the file, it looks correct with some text centered and other text aligned left. When I re-open the file, some of the centered text is now aligned left and some of the left aligned text is...
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    Disappearing "&"

    When I send an email using stylized text, the symbol "&" disappears from the sent email. For example, if the body of the email says "Dear Fred & Mary" then it will arrive as "Dear Fred Mary" The space is there but the ampersand is missing. This is true throughout the body of the email...