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    Feature-Request: "Account Statement"-Report for account type

    Hi! While I was trying to make a report I realised, that you can only make "Account Statement"-Reports for "Accounts" account type. What I miss is a "Account Statement"-Report for all other account types: "Portfolio", "Assets", "Liabilities". Do you know what I mean? What do you think about...
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    Balance-Charts of Forex Account

    Hi! Say, my base currency is EUR. I set up a forex account (say for USD or CZK) and add a transaction to so it has a positive balance. When I now open the Charts-View and set it to "Balance" for that account. I would expect to see the fluctuation in forex value in the graph - which I don't...
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    Liabilities within "Money Flow Summary"-Report

    Hi! Is it correct, that when I'm adding a transaction with a liabilities-account as source (money flows away, which means more liabilities/debt) this transaction shows up blue (which indicates a positive affect, imho) and when I'm reducing liabilities (money flow TO that account) it is shown as...
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    Feature-Request: Taxes for scheduled transactions

    Hi! Is it planned to have an option to predefine taxes on scheduled transactions (collected, refundable, paid)? Now I have to always remember to add the taxes for it.
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    Bug: Scheduled Transaction for 2018 shows up in 2017 report

    Hi! For a checking account I have scheduled a transaction for 1.1.2018. Now I'm switching to the Report view and have the following selection: - "Account Statement" / "Accounts" - When "Current Month" (it's January 2017) When I now create that report the transaction which is scheduled for...