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    Set timer on MBM, to deploy e-mailer at a later date

    The company I work for has requested a few e-mailers to be sent out within the next month or so, mostly to do with holiday promotions and what not. This is fine, however they've asked that a couple of the e-mailers be sent over the holidays (ie. xmas day and new year's day for a couple of them)...
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    Changing Time Zones?

    Sorry to start a new thread for a minor question, but I didn't see this mentioned in the Help document, or mentioned before on here. When I had sent an e-mailer out, a friend who's on the list e-mailed me, saying everything was fine with the e-mail he got, but the time of delivery was an...
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    Bounced e-mail handling?

    I've just started using Max Bulk Mailer this week, and am working with a list with over 3000 addresses. After I sent out the mailer yesterday (to all 3000 recipients) I received about 200-300 bounced e-mails in my inbox. Now I read through them, and have decided to make a list of all the...