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    upgrade from 4.4.4

    Hello, I've noticed that the current version is 5.0.3 I have 4.4.4 (42) Will my SN# work with new version? Every time I exit MaxBulk Mailer, I get Connection Thread error - and it crashes. Files do save before the crash. Did 5.0.3 fix this?
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    Could not allocate local data

    MW Win32 Runtime Getting "could not allocate local data" error upon exiting. It then tries to send a report to Microsoft. This occurs even when I've only started app/ exit app. I think it started after load new MS updates - which can't be uninstalled of course, and not sure which is...
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    changing "Undisclosed recipient list"

    Hello, I received the following email from my webhost regarding my first email blast of 2500. Why did this happen? How do I avoid this on my next mailing? "The mail was delivered to undisclosed AOL email addresses. As you can see from the content of the message, this could easily be...
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    Test Mode - 1 undelivered?

    In Test Mode - 1) what email address does Test Mode send to? And where might I modify it? 2) why do I get But: 1 undelivered [Connection dropped by server] When not in Test Mode - I do get my one email sent (only one recipient in list) Streams: 5 [1 Used] Delivery mode: Bulk...