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    lost bold and italic formatting?

    HI again Stan Just noticed something . . . When I format text in the email body and I switch to another font (just to see how it might look) some of the formatting is lost. It looks like colours and underline stay, but bolded text and italic text is lost. If I decide to stay with the new...
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    French text in preview is all wonky

    When I type in French the email itself is OK. But the preview is all wonky. Any ideas why?
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    crash when printing bad import email report

    Hello from Canada When I import a tab text file that has some bad addresses I get the error box dialogue. when I go to print this list of bad emails MBM crashes every time. I have experienced this on a regular basis over the past few weeks. I have attached error report that show up when I...
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    mangled text after upgrade

    Hello I just upgraded to latest version No changes on my end (standard notification email we send) This text Nous n'exigeons pas de paiement à l'avance. L'abonnement pour l'année scolaire 2018 - 2019 ne coûte que 23,75 $ par numéro - un coût vraiment abordable lorsqu'on le divise par...
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    search feature question

    Just wondering about the search feature. If the search comes up empty, there is no notification window that says that. If one has a list of many thousands of fields / emails its confusing when nothing happens after you do a search. Just wondering. Most programs have a box that pops up that...
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    print crash

    When I import addresses an error page shows up that flags bad addresses. When I go to print this window, MBM crashes every time. This is new since the latest upgrade. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm using an iMac running the latest OS. Thank you.
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    The application “MaxBulk Mailer” can’t be opened.

    Hello I just downloaded the new version and I get: The application “MaxBulk Mailer” can’t be opened. When I click. Running Mac OS 10.10.5 Yosemite I've never had this kind of problem before.
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    Group is set to: "All at once"

    Hello there When I do a spam check on my message, MBM tells me: Group is set to: "All at once" - It is recommended to use a group of 250 or smaller I'm wondering how important this is? Thank you for your time.
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    bracket in the 'comment' part of the email - failed delivery

    We use AuthSMTP to send emails and I have been back and forth with their tech support re some emails that are not getting through. What they are telling me is that if there is a bracket as part of the in the 'comment' part of the email address, MBM is not coding the email properly. They say I...
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    group emails - settings question

    I'm wondering how to figure out what the best setting is for the Group emails setting? I just sent out about 3,000 emails and some recipients are saying they did not get the email. They are in the MBM file / list but I downloaded the email history from auth.SMPT (the service that we use to send...
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    one computer, two users

    Hello I installed MBM on my Mac. My wife has a user as well. I can use MBM but it opens in trial mode for her. Is there a way to activate for both on the same computer? All other software that is installed allows both of us to use. Thanks.
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    superscript question

    Is it possible to do superscript text in MBM? We produce an educational magazine in Canada and we send out email notifications in English and French. In French, some of the text is superscripted (made smaller and placed above the baseline). For example in the sentence: Les ressources sur...
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    font bug

    Using 8.4.7 on Mac with Mavericks. I open a file -- it shows a Monaco font (but the original file is not Monaco) I change to Times then save (or 'save as' to create new file) but when I open the file again it is Monaco again. Anyone else having font issues?
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    importing French from a text file

    Hello there I have question re importing French from a text file. We are an educational company in Canada and we have many French subscribers. The problem is that letters with accents, etc. will not import properly from our database into MBM Pls see example below: (address in text file)...
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    emails not coming back

    Hello from Victoria, Canada I'm writing to ask a technical question. We are a small group of teachers that provide current events materials to schools. We have a number of publications and we use MBM to send out notifications when the issues are available on our website for educators to...
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    email settings question

    HI Stan (et. al) Just wondering if you could shed some light on an issue we are experiencing with a school District in Ontario, Canada. We use MBM to notify our educational subscribers that a pdf file is available for them on our website.  Pls see below re correspondence from Dufferin Peel...
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    grey icons

    I just upgraded to 8.3.5 - and now all the MBM icons are grey. I restarted and repaired permissions but nothing doing. Anyone have any ideas?
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    READ RECEIPT - confirmation suggested

    Hi Stan I just sent out about 500 emails to our subscibers and I guess somehow READ RECEIPT was turned ON. This is a real pain to weed through all these since a few a actual responses. It would be a great help if this setting had some sort of confirmation on it to make sure the sender wants...
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    garballed error message

    I just upgraded to 8.0 -- Mac 10.6.5 The error messages on screen are 'clean' but contain a bunch of jibberish when printed. Any ideas why? This is a new. Please see below -- I tried to upload a pdf file screen shot, but the forum would not let me. Eric W.
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    Case change on ‘txt’ import

    Our customer data is in Excel and to import it into MBM we first save it as a text file (txt). But when we import it into MBM weird things happen -- upper case letters convert to lower case -- especially when there is a period or hyphen or other types of punctuation involved. For example...