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    NOT HAPPY - Version has now reverted to demo mode

    I've downloaded all the updates I'm entitled to. I have not bought an update plan as I have paid to use the program some time back. Why has my MBM 8.5.1 reverted to demo mode and say this it is unregistered? I registered this program ages ago.
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    Allow subscribers to update their details

    You have a link to 'Update preferences' on the email shown at the link below How do you use this facility?
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    2006: MySQL server has gone away

    I have not changed anything and my SQL forum works fine, so why this? 2006: MySQL server has gone away
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    Error 406 on 'Upload list to MLM"

    File is text and in the correct order and delimiter format. I get a fail message 406 'Not acceptable' [web address of lm.php].
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    Cannot order lists in date order

    I have the tags selected as 'date' before I import my list, but I cannot order the list in date order. I need dates as 14-01-15 (14th Jan 2015) in date order, but it orders as text as in. 02-03-15 03-01-14 05-09-13 etc
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    Working with dates

    Can you explain how I work with dates in an IF statement. I can't seem to get it to work. What I need to to change text based on whether a date is less than today's date.
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    Data not saved

    There is: if ( isset( $_REQUEST['opt1'] ) && !empty( $_REQUEST['opt1'] ) ) { $opt1 = $_REQUEST['opt1']; } I've added below the original code: <tr height="24"> <td width="183" height="24"><div align="right" class="style8"> <font size="-1" face="Verdana">Post...
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    Problems with web admin page

    I've been receiving new subscriptions and checking them via my web browser. I have noticed a few capitalisation errors made by people subscribing and tried to correct them, but when I try to save, I get a message saying "Email Address Invalid!". Also, opening figures are totally wrong when you...
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    List maintenance script tutorials

    Are there any tutorials for the subscribe/unsubscribe scripts included with MLM?
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    Delivery stats are empty

    Click-through tracking is on Automatic. Text is Styled Text Delivery Stats are empty
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    Can't upload lists to SQL

    Have MLM installed If I create a new document, add some recipient data and then try to upload it, I get: What's wrong?
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    Cannot access ANY remote lists

    I deleted a few records and MBM deleted them from my SQL tables, but I cannot now access ANY of the remote lists I have. I cannot access via the web interface. Stats works fine. If I try to upload a list to MLM the first letter of my domain name is missing after 'To' in the upload dialog.
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    List locks up on duplicate email

    If I try and add a new record where the email address already exist, I cannot back out of the process without closing an reloading the list. I get a waring about "are you sure you want to add this email again" but it still leave the email there and sometimes lock the list up. Can you fix this...
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    Unsubscriptions not being removed from list

    I have the latest version of MBM and MLM. I am using SQL and using HTML format for emails, which I make up in Freeway. I get unsubscriptions showing in the Stats window, but they are not being removed from the list. I have just downloaded a remote list into a new window and cam clearly see...
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    Cannot update to new version

    Get a permissions error, but the Maxbulk folder is Read and Write and I have full admin permissions. Never happened before!
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    Start timer for delivery

    Is there a way to get deliveries started at a particular time. If not, can you add a timer in the next version?
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    User updating subscription details

    Stan, I'm still looking for a way to let subscribers amend their details. I know you said the only way is to make them unsubscribe and then re-subscribe with new details, but this is REALLY clunky and unprofessional.
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    PHP forms

    Can MBM be linked to this type of form action?
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    Insert hyperlink

    Shouldn't the menu show the tag and not the full URL?
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    Web access to LM will still not show last campaign

    Why is it that the last campaign will not show when you log on to LM via a browser. This would be a handy feature is it worked. The latest mailing aways shows in MBM Statistics, but when you look via a browser, the very last mailing is not listed.