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  1. lockside

    emails received and opened but not recorded as "opened"

    My clients want stats of opened emails, which I am unable to give. I ran tests with 5 addresses and I checked that they had not gone to spam or junk and that they had been opened. I also checked the they did not suppress image opening. None of them were recorded as opened. The email source has...
  2. lockside

    Unsubscribe handling

    I spent too long today trying to establish how the "unsubscribe" tag worked in conjunction with lists. In the end I sent a support email, which is the very best way to make things start working! The reason I had had so much difficulty was that the server was not communicating with MaxbulkMailer...
  3. lockside

    Bounces not being picked up

    BH finds 183 messages in my POP3 box but only records 25 entries after processing. By capturing copies in a folder on another mail client I can see that there were 192 messages bounced. Dragging these to a blank list in MBM I get a record (row) for each with many message boxes appearing with the...
  4. lockside

    Recipients list

    What I want to do is to remove bad addresses from my list. Whatever I do and whatever status I select the recipient count remians the same. I now don't know how many emails succeeded and how many failed without trawling through the log. There must be a better way? I have tried Bounce handler...
  5. lockside

    Drag and drop to Bulk Mailer not working

    When I export from Bounce Handler, rename the list to UNSUBSCRIBE and drag it to Bulk Mailer Recipient list I get a list in a new window with red crosses against the name and each lin emarked with duplicate. What I want to do and why I purchased bounce handler is to remove bounces from the Bulk...