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    Office 365/Exchange Problem: Access Denied, Bad Sender

    I'm getting marked as spam by Office 365/Microsoft Exchange. My domain for sending emails is provided by Comcast: For lack of technical proficiency, I'll say that Comcast uses the 365/Exchange platform to service the domains. Here is how I connect...
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    So Close!

    I'm not a techie, nor do I play one on TV. I do like MBM very much! I use FireFTP to access my FTP site. I have installed MLM. On my FTP site, I can see the thread: I can see the lm.php file in the lm folder The URL in the MBM preferences after install is this...
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    too many messages on a single connection

    Using Max Bulk Mailer 5.2.1 on MAC OS 10.4.11 I've been using the same settings forever. Today, however, MBM is hanging up on every tenth email. Sends 10 emails, then the recipients page puts up the stop sign and says: Error: Bad Sequence of Commands. Delivery page says: 451 requested...