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    Crashes since installing 8.4.9

    I upgraded my mac to ML, then installed the 8.4.9 update. Since then, for the last 3 nights, MBM has been crashing at 10:15 pm every night. Yikes!
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    How to get statistics after a MBM crash

    Is there any way to get statistics from delivery logs after a crash? When I go to the statistics window the crashed delivery does not show, but all the other deliveries do show. Probably something added to the log when a delivery completes?
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    Updating MLM

    I am currently running MLM 3.1.1. I would like to update to latest, but am concerned that customizations I have made will be overwritten. What is the best process for updating MLM to new version? Thanks!
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    multiple unsubscribe messages

    Some of my list subscribers are getting multiple messages confirming their unsubscribe request. One person has gotten six messages from the same unsub request over 4 days. Obviously this does not engender good will! I checked in Max bulk mailer, and in fact in only shows one unsub request. I...
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    [MLM] Error inserting record from TrackClicktoDB(

    I have been sending a message for the last 24 hours. All of a sudden, 12 hours into the send, I started recieving multiple messages with the above subject. The body says: 1062: Duplicate entry '12881' for key 'PRIMARY' Any ideas, or other info you need? Bill
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    Delaying the start of a message

    Can a message be set up to start sending at a future day/time? I'm going on vacation, and need the message to start going out 1 week from now. Can this be done? Thanks, Bill
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    NO install MLM

    Re: OK I did that, I get the error message: Error - You forgot to provide the command parameter: &cmd=command exit ( @html_entity_decode( "" . $kErr_missingparam_cmd[$lang] . ": &cmd=command", $dec_quotes, $dec_charset ) ); } if ( $cmd == "confirm" ) { If ( isset( $_REQUEST['key'] ) && !empty(...
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    MBM sending message multiple times

    I send out a bulk mailing once a month, to ~9000 addresses. Every month, a certain number of the emails - don't know exactly how many, but a fairly large %- are sent twice and sometimes even more!. Settings are singly, group 50, interval varies to achieve <500/hr, port 26, 2 connections. The...
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    Suddenly getting "read" and "not read" r

    I've been using maxprog for over a year; suddenly, starting a month ago, I started getting read and not read responses to my messages. I probably set something by accident- how can I turn this off? Bill
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    Possible to group edit the # of bounces

    HI- I am just beginning to use bounce handler- is it possible to edit all of the selected bounces at once, to, for example, change all the bounce #'s to "1". I tried editing the file, but after saving, it won't open in Bounce Handler. Thanks, Bill
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    how to avoid "[bulk]" in subject line?

    I did a test of an email (3 recipients) On the one verizon email address, [bulk] is prepended to the subject. How do I avoid this? Thanks, Bill
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    How do I place a "clickable" email address in styl

    Hi- I am composing an email, and need to place a "clickable" email address in the email. In Apple mail I would write it so: <> How do I do it in Maxbulk? Thanks, Bill
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    Extracting from apple mail

    how is this done? Thanks, Bill