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  1. Monte Allums

    Subscribe Issue

    Okay. I downloaded my Mailchimp list and have imported into MaxBulk Mailer using the upload function from the browser (from a text file) upload feature and named the list: But when I test subscribing to the this list the email gets placed into another separate list named...
  2. Monte Allums

    My Newsletter Recipients are getting Gobbledygook!

    Here's what they get. I've tried using different settings in MaxBulk Mailer. But so far no joy. Some of my Newsletter subscribers are threatening to unsub. What the heck can I do to fix this? : Last Name : e-mail Address From: ", LLC" <> To...
  3. Monte Allums

    MLM Lists Subscribe html not working on Mac

    MLM installed and is working, somewhat. The html pages for subscribing. How am I suppose to use them? Yes I have read the instructions over and over. I cannot get my lists to show up in the html files. I can create lists no problem. What the heck does one have to do to get these html...