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    Can't get past 'Connecting to...' in Delivery

    Haven't used MB for some time but never had this problem before. No matter what server I try to use as smtp, I only ever get two lines in the 'Delivery panel'. Opening connect aand Connecting to.. The ret is Time out for 5 attempts etc. Obviously something I am doing/not doing correctly. Any...
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    DKIM inquiry

    Hi, At the moment the DKIM is setup as 'default' in the DNS, would it be better to use my own DKIM code or is thatis enough? Thanks oz
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    MLM installed and showing online okay but clicks don't show

    Hi, Have just reinstalled MLM and the webpage login shows and so do the lists I uploaded but in Stats they all show as 0 The Stats in the MB program however do show the clicks . What could I be doing/not doing right. Thanks Stan oz
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    Undelivered mail put into Verifier.

    Hi, The last list sent, we got about 92 Undelivered. I put them into Verifier and 94 of them were listed as valid, 1 bad and 5 unsuccesful. Would this sort of thing be considered normal ? At first look, I was about to delete them all from the list, then I thought I'd give it a try in...
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    Warning: Your document encoding is set to utf-8 but your HTM

    Hi, Just sent a few lists and all went well, I got the html Delivery Report which is very good BTW, however.. I just sent another list with the exact same message, just copy pasted from the other lists and the settings look the same, 'HTML only', but I didn't get any HTML Report in the email...
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    [SOLVED] Recipients list not there anymore

    Hi, In both .5.6 and 5.5. I noticed when I went to open a list on the hard drive, that everything was there except the actual Recipient list. The file was still large so it was obviously full of something but no ist appeared. Fortunately I was able to retriece a list from the Pull down in the...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to set up new Verifier Update

    Hi, Tried to setup the new update however I got an Avast message that they wanted to inspect the file and a panel with.. Create Process Failed Code 5 Access is Denied I clicked it was trusted file so it went thru the process and looked like it was okay but I got that panel. I uninstalled the...
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    Runtime Error with new 8.5.6.

    Hi, Just installed new 8.5.6. and got this.. when openeing it. It opened list okat but when I clicked Settings Tab it came up again Runtime error Common\Socket\TCPSocketWin.cpp:99 Failure Condition:!name.lsEmpty() good luck ! oz
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    Suggestion for MB Status page

    Hi Stan, I have noticed that I am unable to see the full title of my Newsletter in the left side tree. I have made the panle full page and dragged the area over to the left as far as I can but I still cannot see the full title. Trouble is I have the name of the list at the end of the title...
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    [SOLVED] How to sync both PV list and MLM list

    Hi, I am a little confused about the list.. Say I creat a list in MB, save it then Upload it to MLM. Then I add another afew addresses in MB and Update it to MLM. I assume they are now both the same. Then someone unsubscibes from the list or is added, both on MLM web. Now they are...
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    Get a red error. An error ocurred during the updload process

    Hi, When I Update a list. I get this error in red.. What could cause this please? oz
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    What is the link to use on a newsletterto unsubscibe.

    Hi, I have written a link in the newsletter which just sends me an email to unsubscibe, but it doesn't take them off the list (in MB on the PC or the online MLM list). I know there is the MLM unsubscribe form which they can manually use and I guess this takes them off the MLM list. Correct...
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    [SOLVED]Can't see list in MLM Stats

    Hi, I have the lastest MB and have opened some lists we sent emails to last year uisng the online MLM. Was able to see Stats etc of a couple of years sends. Now I open Preferences and get a panel to Create an MLM or make sure Prefs know where lm.php is. I see on the site public_html there is...
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    Cleaning up list..

    Hi, Quite a while since I used this but now on track again.. Have the latest 8.5.5 and did a Verifier run to find update on list. Mostly Valid but a few options as well as Bad. What is the quickest way to bring the list up to date please? Thanks oz
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    use on 2 computers

    Hi, I have been using Max on the same box since I got it, now I want to be able to use it as night at home on my laptop. Rather than have to reset all my setting etc., what files do I need to include with the actual program? I already have my data files on the laptop so they are fine, just...
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    What is the best way to do this please

    Hi, I have a remote lm url set up on one domain but I would like to use another url for others lists. For example with list "A" I have the lm setup on server "A" www.a/lm/etc Now I want the list "B" to use the remote url of domain "B" www.b/lm/etc I use one instance of Max on my PC and in...
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    How to fine tune good/bad address?

    Hi, I have exported Return emails from TB into text file then extracted the emails using Extractor and now am using Verifier to verify. Of the 159 returns I get 12 vailid 12 bad and 135 Test unsuccessful. Most of those are Time Outs. How can I retest only the unsuccssful ones without having...
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    Report email is blank 8.3.2. XP

    Hi, For some reason my Report emails are blank. Just 696 emails and all went fine however the report email is blank. Thanks oz
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    Getting Returns from a Thunderbird folder to BH

    Hi, I have aquite a few Returns from my mailouts and I ann trying to drag or copy them into BH from a sub folder in TB. The folder is.. Folder/Newsletter/March/Returns When I try to drag it to BH from that folder, it shows the crossed Zero Warning cursor. What am I doing wrong? Thanks oz
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    Installed 8.2.1 Setting Page not showing correctly

    HI, Just installed 8.2.1. and note the setting seems not to be displayed correctly. The Signature text box at lower page overflows so there is not bottom to it. I also note that I am having authentication problems with the same list I used yesterday with same settings and it worked fine...