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    FR: Command-Click window title to reveal path

    For most Mac windows, if you Cmd-Click the window title, you get a menu of the path to the file. You can then select the enclosing folder to open it in Finder. Can we get that in MBM?
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    How to change the theme?

    I find the dark theme in the Messages panel hard to read. Is it possible to change it?
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    Feature Request: load previous list

    Would be great if re-opening a previously saved message file would automatically load the name of the previously used recipient list. When I reopen a previously saved MBM file, the Recipients tab displays the previously used list, but there is no selection in the option menu -- that is, it...
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    What is "CQk=" ?

    On my iMac, running 10.11.6, using MBM 8.6.3 US, I imported ~500 tab-delimited records and got two errors identified as "CQK=". See screenshot. That string does not appear in the source list. I have verified that the source list contains all valid email addresses. The 5 duplicates shown in...
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    Cannot launch MBM

    I launched MBM. Got message announcing new version. Downloaded new version. Before installing, I zipped the old MBM folder. Then, installed the new version by dragging into Applications. I clicked the alias to it in my Dock and got the message So, I deleted the new folder, unzipped the...
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    How to Batch Process Blacklist

    Is there a way to batch import a list of email addresses to be blacklisted? I've got 50+ bounces (id=550) and would like to be able to process them in a batch. I see in the docs that provision is made for importing a text file named DELETE, UNSUBSCRIBE, KEEP, or DEACTIVATE, but there is no...
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    No HTML in bcc?

    When I send an HTML-only message to a list and I bcc my colleagues, the HTML works fine for the Recipients, but the message(s) my colleagues get has been stripped of the HTML formatting. Is that a feature? A bug? Is there a way around it?