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    phone number extractor...

    Hi, I'm looking for an app/script to extract cell phone numbers from text just like your Email Extractor does - any recommendations?
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    Bounce Type

    Hi, I'm curious to know how Email Bounce Handler determines if a bounce is a Hard or Soft one. Is it from the error code (for example "5.1.1") which is not always coded into the bounce (?) or is it from certain text in the body (like the "rules" inside the program)? Or maybe it's a combination...
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    Counting a bounce multiple times

    Hi, testing the program and found out that eMail Bounce Handler is counting the same bounce on server mailbox multiple times. So after checking mailbox 4 times one email address has a count value of 4 even though there's only one bounce email on the server. I did uncheck "Remove bounces from...
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    eMail Auto Respone/Reply Handler ?

    Hi, is there a way to include a auto response/reply handler in the Bounce Handler? I need a way to automate those automatic emails as well... ...ToBeJazz