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    Importing from a Paypal Acct - HELP!!

    duh, ok I figured it out. My excel file was putting a $ in front of all of the amounts. iCash would then ignore every line and never import anything. I was doing the rest correctly, but it was the presence of the $ that prevented the import.
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    Importing from a Paypal Acct - HELP!!

    So if I have a .csv with the following data: Date, Name, Subject, Gross, Fee, Net 5/11/06,John Doe,Boots,9.75,0.25,9.50 5/10/06,Mary Jane,Purse,15.00,1.00,14.00 What would be the steps to get this entered into a fresh data file in iCash?? I would want them to go into the default...
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    Importing from a Paypal Acct - HELP!!

    Do I change the column names in Excel? Can I then only import the 'default''s in iCash? For instance has only Name and Type for Category - do I rename two of the many columns in Excel to Name and Type??
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    Importing from a Paypal Acct - HELP!!

    Thanks, but that is the part that I don't understand. For instance: My .csv file has the following column headers: Date, Name, Subject, Gross, Fee, Net <then about 20 more columns> The data below this is about 500 records. So if the default Categories are Name & Type - then what...
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    Importing from a Paypal Acct - HELP!!

    Hi, I'm trying to import into iCash from my Paypal acct. I have tried the .qif and it works ok, however, Paypal doesn't include all of the fields that I need in the file. I can download my Paypal history as a .csv file and everything I need is there. Now how do I get this into iCash?? I...