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    Cannot print iCash in Mac Sierra

    I start up iCash and go to open-- I see a greyed out iCash application file of 78 Mb. Can you please get back to me to fix this all.
  2. M

    Cannot print iCash in Mac Sierra

    A file with the name of the company ( EVER ) should come up when starting iCash. This was always the case but now ,,No file!!
  3. M

    Cannot print iCash in Mac Sierra

    Well, that didn't go well. I deleted the preference file as you suggested but now iCash doesn't start any more! I cannot access File -- page setup, I cannot access anything. I have two backups on two different external drives ( updated before the problem with printing started) but when I...
  4. M

    Cannot print iCash in Mac Sierra

    Thanks for your reply. I just went to to File--Page setup but when I click on it, iCash crashes. I tried it with Overview open and Transaction and Reports but every time I click on "page setup" iCash crashes. IOW, the same what happens when I click on "Print". Bill
  5. M

    Cannot print iCash in Mac Sierra

    Since updating to iCash 7.5.9 on MacOs Sierra I have problems with printing. When I go to "Transactions" and click on print, I get a box which says "print All or print selected files. I choose All and then Print and then iCash crashes. When in "reports" and clicking on Print, iCash crashes. I...