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    Asking for Activation Code after months of use??

    I purchased and registered Pro about a year ago. All of the sudden it's asking for the activation code again, and when I put it in it says it's no longer valid. I can provide any details you need. Please help ASAP as my business is on hold for the time being... Thanks! Nate
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    Webdumper gets stuck and hangs after running for too long...

    I had the same problem with the old version. I grabbed the new version but it started doing the same thing after a while. I'm just extracting email addresses (and nothing else) from band profiles on http://www.purevolume.com Are there log files or something I need to trash? I have...
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    Lost part of my master email list!!

    I had a really important master list of about 24,000 email addresses to check against when emailing new potential clients(to make sure they hadn't been emailed already). I was in the middle of saving the file when the the program crashed. Now when I open it there's only 8,500 addresses in the...
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    Error 404 Page not found?

    http://www.unsigned.com/000001eastmanrox This is the URL for the page that returns this message on webdumper. All these profiles return this message, but you can see that they're there. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks
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    Big problems with gmail

    I have been using gmail with the latest version of MBM for a few weeks. For those that don't know, it seems like the send limit for gmail is around 450 emails a day. I started with 2 other gmail accounts to be able to do 1,200, and now after a few weeks I'm only able to send 10 emails...
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    Bounces are not showing up?

    I just registered a new version of the program. I have hundreds of failed and delayed "Delivery Notification Status" emails in my inbox, and after searching I returned only 4. These are "bounced" emails, right? I don't have the "over 2500kb" box checked, and I'm not using any other programs...