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    Unsubscribe Link does not work

    Good Morning: I have noticed the past 2 days that I have not had any unsubscription's when I send out an email. I have been receiving emails complaining that the Unsubscribe link does not work. Prior to each email sent, I test the email and its links by sending one to myself. I check the...
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    I am being required by Yahoo to us DKIM in my email messages. Did not know what this was until yesterday. I need to sign my email with DKIM or Yahoo will not allow them through their filters. Upon reading up on DKIM, I found myself looking at my MaxBulk Mailer settings page. At the bottom...
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    Drag N Drop URL's produces no email

    I thought this was too simple but I gave it a shot anyway. Yes I read the instructions. I opened the web page that I wanted to harvest the email addresses from. I drag N dropped the URL to the Email Extractor window. Email Extractor then processes the URL, then produces nothing. I have...
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    Yesterday the tags worked fine. Today, they are not working at all. I thought it was just the Unsubscribe tag. then I tested other tags, they are not working either. How are they not working? 1) I select the tag to go into the message from the tag selector 2) The tag is inserted onto the...
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    UnSubscribe issues

    You instructed me to attach the tag "Unsubscribe" to my web page when sending it out. I have done so and this is what has happened. 1) In MaxBulk Mailer, I will populate the list from "Remote Lists". There are only 2 emails in this list as it is a test list. 2) In MaxBulk Mailer, I will...
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    MLM not working properly

    Yesterday we discussed how the proper URL will connect to my MLM and its list so my email recipients can opt out. You provided me with different URL's that "SHOULD" connect to my list but did not. Then you brushed me aside by giving me the manual that did not help either. This is my URL for...
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    Opt Out Feature?

    I need to make changes to the current URL that will allow the recipient to "Opt Out". The Opt Out change I need is so that they can Opt Out of a Specific List. The current feature allows the recipient to Opt Out of List 1, or Multiple Lists like List 1, List 2 List 3. What I need is for...
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    Tags Turned Off

    I am having a problem with my tags being turned off. This is the problem I have 1) When I begin, I populate my "Remote List" to my email. 2) I insert the "Unsubscribe" Tag 3) I check the Unsubscribe feature in Preview, it is working 4) I create my message by inserting a tag for "Full Name"...
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    Opt Out feature?

    How do I attach a link for my email recipients to just click to opt out? This feature works for me, I need to provide this to my clients. Example: When I use the link for single or multiple lists, all I get is list1, list2, list3. I have almost 60 different lists. I need a link to either...
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    Can Not Install MLM

    I have been trying all day to install MLM. I can not. MLM is exactly what I need and I can not get it to work. I have followed the instructions to the best of my ability dozens of times today and can not get MLM installed on my server. I have read the instructions over and over again. There...
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    Can I install MLM on my MacMini server?

    Can I install MLM on my MacMini server?
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    Can I down load a CSV file

    I am about to down load an email list in the form of a CSV file. Will MLM accept this type of file? If not what type of file should I use? Thank You