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    After 3.8.5 update, can't connect.

    Same problem here. I reinstalled the old version until this is fixed.
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    Really slow

    hMailServer as the mail server. I also use Gammadyne to send but the bounce processing is unwieldy, which is why I'm using eMail Bounce Handler. Sometimes I download all the mail using Thunderbird as the email client so I can have the .eml files when I need to clear out hMailServer. I'm flexible.
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    Turn off chime?

    Sometimes I need to turn off the sound of an application, yet keep the speakers on for other applications. Is it possible to turn of the chime when it grabs emails from the server, sometimes 10 at a time before it recycles. That's a lot of chimes. Don't delete the chimes, though. Just make them...
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    Really slow

    >> Note that you can also process bounces in your mail software, have you tried that? How so?
  5. A

    Really slow

    That didn't help. After eight hours, the program had only ran 6,000 and was crawling. I had to ctrl-alt-delete to shut down the program because it was unresponsive. There's definitely a memory problem when it's trying to run so many emails.
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    Really slow

    I'll try that...
  7. A

    Really slow

    What do you recommend? What would be a reasonable time to process 50k bounces?
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    Really slow

    POP3 After processing, remove mail from server.
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    Really slow

    Stanbusk, it's still trying to grab them from the server, one at a time. I've noticed whenever it processes 1,200 bounce-backs, that the application slows to a crawl.
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    Really slow

    I'm trying to grab 30k bounces and it's been running for 12 hours and has only processed 4,000. It appears there's a huge memory leak that slows it down after processing a couple hundred bounces. Is there another way to approach this?
  11. A

    Are the rules updated?

    I just bought the email bounce handler because I think it's better than having to design a bounce processor myself, so thank you for your work! Are the definitions updated on a regular basis? I know some ISP change the way they identify their bounce-backs and I want to make sure my bounce...