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    MLM and new server

    Hi, I had installed MLM for some times and it worked well. I have updated MBM in 8.2.1 and change the server of the website used for the statistics. I have reinstalled MLM, and I think I have all well update. But I obtain allways the error message: le URL n'est pas valide Erreur #500: Internal...
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    eMail Verifier does'nt import adresses from text file

    I have saved my Excel mailing list in .txt format eMail Verifier refuse to import the list and stay like freezing. My operating system is Windows XP pro... Thank you for answer
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    Looking for effective readers

    How can I do for knowing who opens and read my newsletter I have send with MaxBulk Mailer. The user manuel does'nt say anything about this problem... can you help me ? Thanks in advance and sorry for my english !