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    Can't get support?

    Posted a problem a week ago. No response. Looks like a BUG in MBM. Trying to setup online lists with MLM/MBM and get: ModSecurity: Multipart parsing error: Multipart: Final boundary missing. [hostname "XXX"]...
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    Cannot upload email lists

    [Site specific information replaced with "===" throughout] When I select Recipients and a local email address list, then Recipients -> Upload to MLM... With: The selected list -testlist- "new list" and list name - testlist2 - Action: Replace Press: Upload I get the following error: ========...
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    MLM List won't upload

    I've installed MLM. Diagnostics say everything is good. MLM 3.1.9 diagnose ran on 2019-06-16 at 18:22:32 request_uri = http://.../lm/lm.php?cmd=diagnose&pwd=... path_to_script = http://.../lm/lm.php working_directory = /home/.../lm mailqueue permissions = 0755 sqlqueue permissions = 0755...
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    How do I customize an embedded link (per user) in Email?

    I would like to embed a link in email with a portion that varies per user. Clickthrough tracking does this very thing to provide information to MaxBulk Mailer. But I want to use it to trigger processing of the click in a script. For example:<A UNIQUE...