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    MLM installed with errors

    Just installed MLM and it appeared as though everything was installing correctly until it got to the end, where the 700's were throwing errors. When I log into the folder I created on the ftp site, it appears as though the installation is fine, but when I attempt to access the web interface from...
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    Redirecting when trying to upload a list & now blank page

    So I finally got MLM installed and accessed correctly and I thought my problems were over, until.... I tried to upload a new list via Maxbulk Mailer and started getting 500 server errors for the link in preferences. From what I could glean off the forum it appeared this was a "permissions"...
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    Getting "Impossible to access" ERROR MESSAGE...please help!

    Maxprog, I believe I've tried everything. I created both an SQL database AND ftp in my website and when I click 'Next' after all the information is correctly input, I'm getting an error saying that Either I'm not allowed to access the directory i created or it doesn't exist. I've triple checked...
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    HELP! Stats not showing up

    HELP! I'm only getting less than 10 statistics of any kind after sends in MBM using MLM...all the settings are correct. There are replies to emails that I get which are not showing as even opened in the statistics window. What is going on???
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    NEED HELP! MLM not showing statistics

    After much back and forth with support, I finally am able to create a new list and upload a list from both web login and Maxbulk mailer, but I am not seeing any statistics at all and wondering if someone can help me figure out what the issue is...thanks!