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    path problem

    been trying to scrape an entire site but it is not working. in the log, is is apparent that the slash after the domain is missing. Hence, all files report a code of "Has Moved!". For instance: domain.orgimages/logo.gif rather than .org/images/... I tried adding it after the the URL but that...
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    cfm, php, ... can't get any of them to work

    i bought the dumper tool but i yet have to get it to work on any site i need it for. I mean, if all this tool does is dump strictly flat html sites, then why would i not just FTP in and get the site? the latest site i need it for is a cfm site. instead of saving ea page as a unique page, it...
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    scraping php sites?

    i am trying to scrape a php site. i went through the settings but am getting mixed results. the site is pretty simple. specific page: any ideas? thanks, jan