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    The prog takes the wrong list when I sign off from the newsletter

    Hello, when I klick on sign off, the programm allways take the list name "test", but there is no list test.
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    Error message after uploading the list to MLM

    Hello, I tried to upload the email adresses to MLM and got an error message. See attached File
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    Some receipiens didn't get the newsletter

    Hello, when I sent the newsletter, a lot of the receipients did't get the message. I tried to sent it manually with outlook to one special address. I used the same sent address like in maxbulk and he received the mail. After that, I tried it again with maxbulk to only this emailaddress, does't...
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    eMmail Verifier stopps after 48 hours

    Hello, I've got a list of 31000 emails and eMail Verifier starts witch checking. After 48 hours it checked 4209 adresses and nothing happens. It's the second time I tried this. What can I do? Best regards Andre