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    iCash 7.6.5 freezing on Windows 10

    Hi Stan, I just moved laptop, am now running iCash (latest version, 7.6.5) on Windows 10, and it's frozen several times already. Are you explicitly supporting Windows 10?
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    iCash 7.6.3 crashes on startup

    I have just upgraded to iCash 7.6.3. When starting it, it crashes with the following message: q3TDgcZ4p2up0Z77amQP 00000E74: iCash.exe - Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point ?get_ULong@Value_Raw_imp@fbl@@UBEIXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library...
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    Corrupted Comments (again)

    Hi Stan, I reported some corrupted comments last week - I cleaned up the XML file and re-imported, but today I have found some more, there is definitely something scary happening and it's making me very nervous about the integrity of my data. Could it be some line-ending issue, or some other...
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    Duplicate Transaction is crashing iCash 7.6

    Hi, Since downloading iCash 7.6, if I highlight a transaction and choose right-click -> duplicate, iCash crashes.
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    iCash crash

    I have for a long time had a problem with iCash crashing once it woke up after sleeping, but today for the first time, iCash crashed without the laptop having gone to sleep. The error in the event log was as follows: Faulting application name: iCash.exe, version:, time stamp...
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    Target Account and Origin Account Dropdowns

    Hi, When entering transactions, and I use the dropdown on the Target Account and Origin Account, I used to get the accounts arranged by category. Now I only get a flat list of all accounts. This is a very long list in my case and when I can't remember the first character, yet I do know what...
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    Very slow to open iCash file

    Hi, I've been meaning to ask this for a while now - it happens with all the versions. I know you say that iCash can cope with a huge database, and I agree that once open, the performance is really fairly good. However, it takes me a very long time to open my file - my file contains...
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    Behaviour of ENTER key

    Hi, I upgraded from 7.5.3 to 7.5.7 recently, and I've just noticed that the behaviour of the ENTER key on entering transactions is different. When I have filled in enough details in my transaction (usually when I'd finished typing the Comment field), I press Enter. This used to do the DEFAULT...
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    iCash crashes after laptop sleeps and wakes up again

    Hi, I've been meaning to report this for a while - I've had this problem for a while (certainly since version 7.5.3, cannot be sure about before that). I've upgraded to 7.5.7, and have just tested it and it still happens. It is completely repeatable: 1) Open iCash and use it 2) Let laptop...
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    Version 7.5.4 is crashing for me

    Hi Stan, I have used iCash for years, very happily, and have always upgraded to the latest version without any problems. Now however, 7.5.4 crashes for me - and I have tried it twice with a reboot in between, and it crashes in exactly the same place, as follows: 1) start to enter a new...
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    Reports: Profit and Loss Statement: restrict by category

    Hi, I would really like to be able to run a Profit and Loss Statement, both Summarized, Detailed and General Ledger, but to be able to choose Category in the Where dropdown box. So instead of the Where dropdown box only giving me the choice of "All, Project, Payee", I would love to have an...
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    Payee in vs 5.4.3

    Good morning, thanks for the new version. I've just got a little problem now - if I start typing something in Payee eg "abcdeg" and want to do a backspace to remove the "g" and type an "f" instead, it clears the whole field so that I have to start typing the whole payee all over again. (I'm...
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    Scheduled transaction for 29th or 30th of the month

    Hi, I have a scheduled transaction to be entered every month on the 29th. In February it did not get entered at all - I would have expected it to either be entered on the 28th, or on the 1st March. Regards, Monique
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    Budget Actual Totals

    Hello, This budget feature is so much better now, thank you! One other thing that I think would enhance it hugely is the following: When comparing eg January with the Budget, as well as each income/expense line showing January's actuals, it would be great if the totals could be shown...
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    Transaction Panel: Number of transactions and Balance

    Hi Stan, You mentioned that new in v 4.2.1 was that the selected bank balance was now shown in the Transaction Panel along with the number of transactions. I found that it wasn't on mine, but after some experimenting I realise that there is a little visibility issue. If I minimise and...