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    Statistics in iphone

    Any option to create an app to check the delivey statistics via an iphone?? thank you.
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    MaxBulk Mailer 6

    Any idea when it will be released. Also new options and improvements? Mentioned: * Supports tags in Cc and Bcc. * Integrated Email tracking Any other advanced news... :lol:
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    Click-Through Tracking script Integration - Suggestion

    Has anyone improved that script or know any better script? Important info: # Who opened your message (and how many times) # Who clicked what links in your message (and how many times)s) # Number of views or link clicks over time Suggestion for maxbulk: Insert a good script with...
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    Daylite integration

    Hello, We are using Daylite ( and we want to connect it with a mass mailing applications. Actually, Direct Mail got a plugin that can be downloaded freely to connect Daylite with Direct Mail. More info: